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CJ 650

CJ 650
CJ 650
CJ 650
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CJ 650

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Manufacturer: Orange Pumps
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The CJ range of heavy duty cast iron pumps combined with mechanical pressure switch and pressure tank is a reliable automatic pressure system that can tolerate electrical power variations provides water draw off.

The pressure tank reduces pump cycling and therefore wear and tear on the motor caused by frequent starts by supplying water when low volumes are required. This can occur when water demand is intermittent, volume required is at the cut off pressure of the switch or on long suction lines.

When the pump stops on the systems with long suction lines, water flows back expanding the suction pipe, dropping the system pressure and activating the switch. Water draw off from the tank supplies water pushed back down the suction pipe which reduces the drop in pressure of the system and the switch from turning on.

In areas where the voltage fluctuates or the electricity is prone to brown outs/ spikes or electrical storms the mechanical switch with it's simple spring loaded relay points is better than electrical switches.

We are authorized repairers of these pumps!


  • CJ Motor& Pump
  • PS7 Mechanical switch 
  • Plug & Play electrical lead
  • 5 way brass tee
  • Pressure gauge


  • Easy to Prime
  • Reduces wear & tear on motor 
  • Energy efficient
  • Tolerates voltage fluctuations