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We can provide you with a wide range of Hardi, Rapidspray and Solo hand Operated sprayers to suit any application.

For a competitive quote on any of our sprayers, please call (02) 8004 9951 or fill in the enquiry form.

Please click photos to see the whole range of Hardi, Rapidspray and Solo products.

P1.5 Pressure Sprayer

P1.5 Pressure Sprayer 1.5 litre Capacity Suitable for Weed Killer

P6-P8 Pressure Sprayers

BP15-BP0 Backpack

BPM100 Mistblower

Solo Manual Sprayer

Solo Manual Sprayer

Solo Universal Sprayers

Solo Backpacks

Solo Power Backpack

Solo Battery-Operated Sprayer

Solo Mister

Gardener’s Friend

12V Knapsack Sprayer

Rapid Spray Backpack

Master Gardener